Sunday, September 19, 2010

Marriage Matters. It's Important!

This blog post is a continuation of my series on the advantages and disadvantages of marriage. Today’s post deals with the impact of marriage education.

Marriage education is the key that can unlock the doors of conflict, communication, and intimacy. It can set free the power of healthier marriages.

A meta-analysis of over 100 studies on the impact of marriage education found clear evidence that marriage education programs work--"to reduce strife, improve communication, increase parenting skills, increase stability, and enhance marital happiness." (The Heritage Foundation: Backgrounder #1606, 2002)

A meta-analysis of 20 different marriage education programs across 85 studies involving 3,886 couples found an average positive effect size of 0.44, indicating that the average couple participating in any one of the marriage education programs studied improved their behavior and quality of relationship so that they were better off than more than two-thirds of the couples that did not participate in any marriage education program. (J. of Marital and Family Therapy Vol.11, 1955 p257-271)

The message seems clear--if a couple wants a healthier and happier marriage, they should strongly consider participation in a marriage education seminar.

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