Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Marriage Matters. It’s Important!

This blog post is a continuation of my series on the advantages and disadvantages of marriage. Today’s post deals with the impact of marriage on children.

Healthy marriages have a dramatic effect on the health and welfare of children.

High school students from intact families “outperform those students from divorced families across all categories,” including having grade point averages 11% higher and missing nearly 60% fewer class periods than those from non-intact families. (J. of Divorce and Remarriage 38.3/4 2003:167-185)

Young women ages 13-19 that have ever lived with a single, solo, parent have a greater risk of having a premarital teen pregnancy than young women that have never lived with a single, solo, parent. (J. of Marriage and Families vol.66, 2004)

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