Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Why Do Muslim Women Gravitate to Islam?

Did you ever wonder why Muslim women prefer to be Muslim rather than Christian? The link below helps to explain the answer to that puzzling question. The link is from Aljazeera, the Islamic web site; and it certainly gives the Islamic side of that question. The article points out that ISIL is un-embarrassingly misogynist (i.e., oriented against equality for women). Muslim women are offended by the failure of Western feminism to elevate the role of women in the world; they see Western feminism as taking women out of the home and putting them in the office. They are offended by Western sexual display.  The article posits that Muslim women are motivated to join ISIL largely because they perceive that Muslim men have not taken a sufficiently strong stand against cultural and military incursions of the West into Muslim lands. The article also points out that Muslim women join ISIL because of their rebellion against western construction of the Muslim woman as the “lesser feminist.” In other words Westerners have stimulated Muslim women to react against negative stereotypes of Muslim women in the minds of Western peoples.


The underlying cause of ISIL membership for Muslim women is said, however, to be “a subversive and militant agenda that does not frown at destruction or the mass killing of innocents.”


This article does not lead me to an attitude of sympathy for Muslim women who join ISIL; but I recommend that you read it and form your own opinion.

ISIL’S Feminine Mystique

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