Monday, November 19, 2012

Moral Demographics of America Change!

Juan Williams, writing in the Wall Street Journal on November 8, page A21, reported that there has been a demographic change in America that gave the recent presidential victory to President Obama. The essence of the change is that many more Hispanic, low-income, female, and young voters went to the polls to reelect Mr. Obama. GOP support is found mainly in older, white, voters mostly centered in the South and in small towns and rural communities. This demographic profile predicts bad things for the Republican Party in the future, because it seems to be a profile of voters that cling to governmental handouts and that will vote benefits for themselves predictably in the future.

I think there is a much more important and larger demographic change in American society than the things listed above. That is the demographic change in our moral belief systems. America has been losing moral fiber over the past several decades. As examples of this, consider the following: Prayer has been eliminated in schools; and mention of Christ in school is proscribed, because it offends atheists. No fault divorce has been instituted making it much easier to break up families. Pornography is all over the place in the name of freedom of speech. Abortion has killed 55million unborn children since 1973. Homosexuality has gained footing as a “normal expression of biological existence” in the minds of vast parts of our society. Same sex marriage and civil unions are commonplace. Some states are enacting euthanasia laws. And on and on….

Another interesting example of the decay of our moral stance is the open acceptance of former President Bill Clinton in the Democrat campaign for President Obama. Bill Clinton, the man who seduced the office girl on the floor of the oval office! That fact did not seem to deter voters on the Democrat side of the ballot. Nor did it even raise eyebrows on those who listened to him speak on TV for President Obama.

In contrast to the open acceptance of Bill Clinton, was the avoidance the media, the Republican Party, and the electorate gave to former President George W. Bush. He was presented to the American people as an unpopular president; and his record was lambasted repeatedly during the campaign—because he had spent too much money on Katrina and the gulf wars. Perhaps he and his FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) had spent too much money relocating New Orleans in its below-sea-level location; and I admit that that was a waste of many dollars. But…to criticize him for spending money the government did not have on the bail out and then electing Barack Obama is just a joke. Obama’s administration has spent more deficit money than any administration in history! The criticism of President Bush for the gulf wars was based on his claim that Iraq contained weapons of mass destruction; those weapons were never found. That criticism was legitimate; but the criticism fails to recognize that those two wars rid the world of Saddam Hussein, one of the worst murdering tyrants the world has seen in recent decades and set up the nation of Iraq as a fledgling constitutional republic.

I would posit that spending money that we do not have is also a moral offence; but, again, the American electorate does not seem to recognize that; and for that reason, it freely gave the Presidency back to Barack Obama.

To delineate the moral differences between The Democrat and Republican parties, I would invite you to look into the differences these two parties have on moral issues such as abortion, same-sex marriages, euthanasia laws, and incursion into religious views about contraception. In every one of these issues, the Democrats mostly come down on the side of immorality; and Republicans mostly come down on the side of morality.

It seems obvious to me that people who lack moral convictions will continue to vote Democrat ballots; and those who hope for a more morally intact nation will vote Republican. I know that that generalization will not always be true, but I think it is a fair estimate of how Americans will vote in the future. And that tendency does not bode well for the GOP.



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