Friday, October 15, 2010

Vote YES on Colorado’s Personhood Amendment. Here’s Why.

Everyone should vote yes on the Personhood Amendment (#62) on November 2nd. This amendment would proclaim that human life begins at conception.

For obvious reasons, those on the Pro-Abortion side of the life argument want this amendment defeated—-it would cut into their business. But some powerful voices in the Pro-Life movement are actually joining forces with the Pro-Abortion movement to try to defeat this amendment. Those Pro-Lifers believe that inevitably, this amendment would come to a Constitutional test by the Supreme Court; and the amendment would be defeated because of the liberal make-up of the Court at this time. They would have us wait until the Court becomes more conservative and more amenable to upholding this amendment.

This thinking is not indicative of what Pro-Lifers should do now. The Pro-Life movement is presently at a high tide of public opinion; and it is gradually gaining strength according to several polls. However, it will soon be replaced in the minds of conservative voters the country over by their concern for the homosexual issue. I believe we should act now as we have never acted before. Several states are also considering a Personhood Amendment like the one in Colorado; if many people could see that Colorado has passed a personhood amendment they might be more inclined to do so, themselves. In that case, the Supreme Court would see that the vast weight of public opinion is on the side of life in this country, and they might be inclined to uphold it. (I will admit that the courts do not seem very interested in the will of the people a lot of the time.)The argument for waiting is futile because we would probably have to wait for 20-30 years for the Court to become more conservative, even if it were to do that unlikely thing in the future.

Additionally, this Amendment stands directly within the stated will of God in the Bible—THOU SHALT NOT KILL. Christians are clearly called upon to fight for the right, just as Joshua and Caleb were called upon to fight for the Promised Land. We must stand up for the right thing to do here and we should not cringe back into the shadows because we are afraid of the opposition. Vote YES on Amendment 62!

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