Sunday, August 22, 2010

Sex-Starved Americans

Our society seems absolutely soaked in sex; and our population seems to be demanding even more of it! A recent Barna Group poll indicates that among Americans between the ages of 20 and 40, attitudes about sex are significantly less traditional and less moral from a Christian perspective than that of people over the age of 40. They “were twice as likely to have viewed sexually explicit movies or videos; 2½ times more likely to report having had a sexual encounter outside marriage; and 3 times more likely to have viewed sexually graphic content online.”

There is no need to recount the sexual explosion within the entertainment, advertising, and political worlds—these things are common knowledge to everyone.

This whole scenario is a disgrace to our people. We seem to have so little resource within ourselves that we can only gravitate to the basest qualities of our beings. We cannot think of anything better. So…we go to sex. Young people do not have enough strength to avoid anything but their “animal instincts” on which to rely.

David Kinnaman, the leader of the Barna Group who studied the sexual trends mentioned above had this to say about the study. “We expect to see this mindset of sexual entitlement translate into increased appetites for pornography, unfiltered acceptance of sexual themes and content in media, and continued dissolution of marriages due to infidelity.”

But those who would cling to time-honored moral values should not throw up their hands in surrender. We should remember, as Randy Alcorn has said, “…in Sodom’s sexual revolution, God fired the last round.”

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