Saturday, August 14, 2010

Obama’s Strategy Won’t Work

On winning the White House in 2008, President depended on a very popular and appealing populist slogan, “Yes we can!” and “Change/Hope,” etc., etc. Now, his slogan seems to be, “They did it to us.” That latter idea is a popular and not unusual idea of many minority groups—a victim mentality. I think that concept is unlikely to appeal to voters in November. Democrats are also pumping up the electorate with the idea that Republican ideas will take us backwards in our progress—whatever that has been lately!

Polling results indicate differently. A poll was taken this week in 13 states where the Senate race is in serious contest; and in those states, 61%-33% voters believe that America is on the wrong track. American Crossroads, a very reliable polling company, took the poll. Republicans lead on the ballot by 47% to the Democrats 39% in favorability with the probable voters. The poll examined what probable voters had to say about health care, financial regulation, the economy, and the country’s future. Republicans were all favored in these categories by five to eight percentage points.

If Republicans can pick up 10 seats in the Senate this year, they will control the Senate; and much of the nonsense we are experiencing in national government will probably cease.

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